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                                    Spring Festival day 2


Before lights breaked we were waken up by rampage firecrackers. The villagers opened their money door (main door) and all started to shoot firecrackers like crazy. The 15 families in this village and the firecrackers lasted non stop for about 2 hours. It was a warm and exciting welcome to the spring. 


After opening their maindoors people started to wish each other Chun Jie hao - happy new year. And the young people approached the elders to say good things to them. Wished them good health and long life. The young ones were then wished prosperity and good luck by the elders. The whole tradition is to say what people want to hear, and then believe it is going to affect the new year.  

Then the young people began to play the old village instruments wich is easy to play and created a characteristic rythm. People gathered and then walked to visit the God of Earth's temple. 




At the temple the air quick became thick of smoke from hundreds of firecrackers and the air was full of the sounds from two village bands instruments. A lot of prayers and bows.

After this early activity the whole day was for relaxing, watch TV and play mahjang and other games.This day is supposed to be the highlight and most relaxing day during the festival.

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