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                                Spring Festival day 1



The first day we were waking up by the sound of firecrackers. The whole village filled with excitement of Spring Festival. 


Every child wear their finest clothes, and are playing their way through the village - from house to house showing off their new clothes. During the festival they can do almost anything they want without their parents scolding them. They can eat as much as they want. It's a real paradise for children. There are a few rules though: They cannot say bad words.


Spring Festival is also a special occasion for the God's in the village.In these mountains the villagers worship the old chinese Tao gods. The most important is God of Earth. This day the God of Earth meets a lot of people who present him the best of the Spring Festival food. Smoked pig's head, smoked fish and they also light firecrackers and incense to communicate with the God, showing their respect and asking for New Year blessings.

 Prayers are said and then the villagers bow three times.


Just before the lunch it is time to pay respect to the ancestors in the house altar which is placed in the center square of the old village houses.


The best meal of the year is the first days lunch. Sherri's mother prepared 16 delicious dishes. There are some rules applying to this meal: We light firecrackers before we start and the doors are being closed. During the whole meal nobody are supposed to open the doors. When the meal is finished we light more firecrackers and then open the doors. Opening the doors to early means that next years luck would leave the house.


In the afternoon people relax. Most play mahjang.


Late afternoon the boys and men in the family visit the tombs of close relatives to show their respect.

After dinner it is time for the famous China Central Television Spring Festival show. This is the most watched TV show in the world with approximately 500.000.000 viewers. A lot of laughter and high expectations.

This night the fire must be kept alive all night with the biggest logs of the year. If not kept until morning the next years money will leave the house. Before closing the main doors of the house some more firecrackers are lit. The doors are strictly closed until morning.

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