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                                            Spring Festival day 3

The third day is the grand visiting day where all the married girls from the village return with their families. They bring presents to their parents and relatives. And then there is a lot of eating and drinking. A real feast from one family to another. Sometimes this feast last for 3 days. During a feast dinner it is tradition that if you respect someone then you must drink with them. The more, the better and a party can become very noisy. The drink is baijou - alcohol often made at home and often very strong.   

two days later, the vilige were visited by a few dragen's team. In China the dragon is the most divine and powefull animal symbolising the emperor (in ancient time) and the power of the God's. Many chinese people do not realise that it is an imaginary animal. It has an oxe's head, a deer's horn, a snakes body and fish scales etc. According ancient old tradition the chinese play dragon to celebrate the new year. Here in the village the dragon gives good wishes and collect money or cigarettes for the dragonteam.


Prevoisly the dragon were lead by a small altar with one of the god's inside, but this dragonteam choose to simplify this by holding a portrait of the late Chairman Mao Zedong in front of the team. Some believe that he now lives among the god's and can provide protection. But many young people in China do not like the Chairman at all.

The procession were recieved by one of the village elders, which then carried the portrait from house to house followed by the amazing dragon. After the dragons visit to the mainbuilding they gathered by the front door and the dragonteam leader shouted a lot of good wishes followed by the teams confirmation: hao - which means good. Then the team left and a man carrying a bag collected the presents. People just gave as much as they wanted. The villagers take this quite seriously, and they light firecrackers to welcome. Firecrackers are heard constantly during the dragons visit.




After shouting good wishes the teammanager placed a boy on the back of the dragon and then they went into our room. This their way of wishing young married couples a child soon. The sweet little boy called us mother and father. We paid some extra money to the dragonteam for the extra wishes.



Before the dragon leaves they perform on the centersquare an impressing show, where everybody watches the dragon form different chinese characters for good wishes. When they leave the dragon is supposed to go with the tale first. The village is in the highest position on the mountain and a dragon always face the sky.