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The most beloved mountain in China is - Huang Shan or in english - Yellow mountain. The mountain range was created more then 100 million years ago and the rocks has been shaped into all kinds of forms. Rhododendron and pinetrees are the most charasteristic flora on the mountain, but it has a variety of plants and trees which makes the mountain especially beautiful in spring. The Yellow mountain short tail monkey is the animal, beside the tourist, that one can meet on the mountain, but actually the fauna is large with for example goats and plenty of birds living here. The highest peak, Lotus Peak, is 1.890 meters high and is relatively easy to reach by the stairs which has been carved into the mountain. These amazing steps and little paths can take you on an almost unlimited number of walks around the hundred of peaks. Many hotels has been built (perhaps too many ?) scattered around the area - from luxury to dormitory style and it is easy to find a room when you arrive there. But it is expensive compared to accomodation rates outside the mountain, and during peak periods it can suddenly become very expensive and then you also must reserve a room in advance. We stayed for 2 nights and if you are a nature lover then you should not stay less nights. 

We climbed the mountain by the eastern steps and descendend from the western steps. Not recommendable at all. Save your strenght for walks on the top peaks ! Take the eastern cable car up. See the scenery around the summit and then spend one night on the summit. Several hotels like Behai Guesthouse and Xihai hotel are here. Second morning get up early to enjoy the sunrise from Refreshing terrace - go west to the last mountain platform closest to The monkey gazing at the south sea cliff. Here you will find less people - guides simply do not take the groups that far. Also stay a little longer, because most rush back to their hotel for breakfast immediately after breakfast. Then continue your walk further west, perhaps exploring some peaks along the way. The second highlight of the day is the Fascinating landscape walk. 











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