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NO suspect SARS cases in China. April 2005. 

The phenomena SARS hit China hard in spring 2003. It is now over and we wish never to experience anything like it again. We leave the spectacular photo's on this page to show a China where people stayed indoors and we had some of the world's top sights for ourselves.. 



We went to Tiananmen Square on a sunday in May month 2003 to see how many people that we enjoying the nice and warm weather. We were met by an almost deserted square. Most of the few people we met wore masks. Usually thousands of tourists and inhabitants of the 12 million people capital city Beijjing visit the square.

   The Meridian gate is the south entrance to the Forbidden City. Again usually packed with travel groups. That Sunday: almost no visitors.

   We could not resist doing the classic photo in front of Mao Zedongs portrait. Maybe you can see the guard is wearing a mask too.

  -  One of the many empty restaurants, previous visited by hundreds of Beijingers everyday. They seem to love Sichuan hot pot.


  -  In the beginning almost everybody were wearing masks.

  - Of course in the buses, but we also spotted solo drivers wearing mask.